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What we offer

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"If you seriously want to get stronger, lift heavier, and have some of the most unconventional and intense lifting equipment in Ohio then you need to be a part of this gym. Here at alpha, you can literally come into the gym and attempt to lift a car 🤷🏼‍♂️"

Drew Carson

"These guys absolutely changed my life. I was invited to come work out here out as a open invitation the the public,under the circumstances that you write and essay and I just walked there that day. I was the first person accepted and I started that next morning. I was gifted a way out of a bad lifestyle I didnt even know I had.In the 2-3 years I was there I made hundreds of friends and every one of those people supported me. All of my progress was celebrated,even by people that didnt even go to the gym. I loved it,such a amazing environment . Alpha Fitness was one of the best things to happen to me ."

Thomas S

I love this gym! Great quality, good people, and the freedom to choose your own path for fitness. My wife and I train for Strongman here and they have everything we need!!!

Crystal Sorensen